About Us

The Inglewood & Texas Landcare Association Inc was originally initiated by local landholders of the former Inglewood Shire in 1986. The group was originally known as the Inglewood Shire Landcare Group Inc up until the end of 2008, when the name of the group changed to the Inglewood & Texas Landcare Association. The name change was due to accommodate for the amalgamation of councils between the Inglewood Shire, Goondiwindi town and Waggamba Shire to form the Goondiwindi Regional Council.

The group is run by a management committee of 6 landholders. The daily running of the organisation is administered by the Landcare Coordinator, who is overseen by the management committee. The Inglewood & Texas Landcare office is located in the QGAP office in the town of Inglewood.

 The Inglewood & Texas Landcare Office, Inglewood

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Inglewood & Texas Landcare Association is to promote and achieve the best possible economical and environmentally sustainable use of Natural Resources by all members of our community. This will be achieved by implementing the following:

a.       Education

b.       Demonstration

c.       Cooperation

d.       Leadership

e.       Sustainable productivity

f.        Continuous monitoring


The Inglewood and Texas Landcare Association works closely with the regional body of the area, the Queensland Murray Darling Committee (QMDC). The running of the Inglewood & Texas Landcare Office is self funded through a combination of Federal and State grant funding as well as local council projects and the organisation offers a wide range of technical assistance for landholders to access.

The Inglewood & Texas Landcare Association's Management Committee

 The management committee comprises of six landholders that are responsible for the daily running of the Inglewood & Texas Landcare Office and the local Landcare Coordinator. Committee members are:

 Chair  Geoff Elliot
 Vice-chair  Andrew Gray
 Secretary/Treasurer  John Finlay
 Committee member  Andrew Clark-Dickson
 Committee member  Graham Flood
 Committee member  Adam Cleeve